Flavors Cafe Has The Best Chicken Quesadilla I Have Ever Eaten, You Must Try It

Flavors Cafe Has The Best Chicken Quesadilla I Have Ever Eaten, You Must Try It

The Breakdown

Flavors Cafe is a little, bohemian jewel of a restaurant that has never failed to please. We have been eating there for the past 5 years with never a bad experience. You must have the chicken quesadilla. Seriously.
Cleanliness 85%
Friendliness 100%
Deliciousness 100%
A well thought out menu that will appeal to everyone from picky kids to hungry adults. Lots of seating, inside and out, and the service staff is very friendly. You'll feel right at home from your first visit.
There are not many cons here, honestly.

I was first introduced to Flavors Eatery Cafe when a good friend of mine, Damien, suggested we try it one day after street preaching on St. George Street. My first impression when I walked through the door was of the bohemian little cafes I would frequent in SOHO back in my college days. Handmade and colorful art adorned the walls, comfortable couches lined the walls, and intimate seating filled the main space. The people behind the counter seemed friendly, so I rolled the dice and took a chance on the Chicken Quesadilla.

I have eaten at Flavors nearly 100 times since then by rough estimation since that first day, and guess what? In all those visits I have never ordered anything other than the Chicken Quesadilla. Yes, it’s that good. When you visit there, make sure you order it I guarantee you will not be disappointed. But there is a lot more on the menu than just that. My kids love the hot subs, and my friend Steve always gets the Atkins Salad.

You can view the Flavors menu here. Over the years we have gotten to know owners Jane and Pete, they love what they do and it shows. Ryan and Chelsea do an awesome job behind the counter, and always have a smile and a kind word. Flavors is one of those place that you’ll come to again and again for its homestyle, fresh-made food in a fun, relaxing atmosphere. They also feature offerings from local St. Augustine artists and musicians. Please be sure to comment below after you have visited and let us know how you enjoyed it.

Flavors Eatery
125 King St
St. Augustine, FL 32084

Phone: 904.824.4221


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Flavors Cafe Has The Best Chicken Quesadilla I Have Ever Eaten, You Must Try It