Saint Augustine


If you live and work in Saint Augustine, get excited and motivated to GROW YOUR BUSINESS with like-minded professionals who are serious about success.


Plastic bags are one of the most harmful items found on and in the beaches in St. Augustine, Fla, according to North Florida Coastal Caretakers, who are the ones cleaning up our local water and beaches.


It’s located a bit off the beaten path, but I believe the bistro at Culinary Outfitters just may be one of the very best dining experiences St. Augustine has to offer.


Irma is a name that won’t be forgotten anytime soon by the people of Saint Augustine. Especially in the Vilano Beach region, where she gave little mercy.


As my daughters and I rode around Saint Augustine this afternoon, the people we came across were smiling and happy, you’d never know a hurricane was coming.


Until they invent an actual time machine, having lunch at Georgie’s Diner is the next best thing. From a distance, the glittering silver facade beckons.


The Beachcomber Cottages on Vilano consist of two raised cottages and two Caribbean-style homes that are located just steps away from the Atlantic Ocean.


If you’re out on St. Augustine Beach, you have to visit The Beachcomber at #2 A Street and try their Buffalo Shrimp Tacos with Red Beans and Rice. 


The Matanzas Inlet is found off the beaten path. It’s a treasured gem, located about a mile past the final parking lot at Crescent Beach.