This site has been built and designed to be more than just another Saint Augustine website for the tourists. There are plenty of those. I wanted to build a site that would let you walk the streets with me as I take you to all my favorite places.

Over the past 5 years, with friends and family, I have spent hundreds of amazing days and nights in downtown Saint Augustine and the surrounding area finding the best places to eat, vacation, swim, hike and everything else. And nearly every week I discover some exciting, new treasure that I can’t wait to share. That’s what this website is for.

So welcome, and come with me on an amazing journey through America’s oldest city – Saint Augustine.  I promise you will enjoy your time here.

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I can recall with vivid recollection my very first impression of Saint Augustine when we first moved here in 2011.

I was driving along the Avenida Menendez where it met the water, and as I drove around the gentle curve of the road, I actually gasped at the beauty in front of me. It was like finding yourself inside one of those “wish you were here” postcards it was so beautiful. The sun was shining on the rippling blue water that flowed under the Bridge of Lions as the palm trees swayed softly in the breeze.


Recently, friends from up North came to visit. I wanted to show off my town and planned what I hoped would be a fun-filled itinerary for them. I took them to all my favorite spots and they had a ball. They had loved all my suggestions and recommendations. A few weeks later the office manager at my chiropractor’s office asked for suggestions for places in Saint Augustine where her and her husband could try. She not only loved my suggestions, she then suggested I should create a website to serve as a guide for others to get to know Saint Augustine.

“What a great idea”, I thought. “Hmm”…and just like that sprang to life!


If you want us to review and write about your favorite local place, please send us an email and we will be happy to check it out. We love Saint Augustine, and want this site to be your most valuable resource for exploring it.

Thank you!