Facing My Fears And Having A Blast At The Saint Augustine Alligator Farm

Facing My Fears And Having A Blast At The Saint Augustine Alligator Farm


The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park began in the late nineteenth century as a small exhibition of Florida reptiles and soon became a quintessential Florida attraction. Today it functions as a modern zoo serving the public and the scientific community with educational shows and exhibits, important research, and worldwide conservation efforts. The Alligator Farm’s history as an attraction and an accredited zoo is nearly as exciting as zipping across the Alligator Lagoon on Crocodile Crossing, the park’s thrilling zip-line attraction.

One sunny afternoon about 2 years ago, my son Calvin turned to me and said “hey Dad, let’s go ziplining over a pit of alligators”. “Sure”, said I, “sounds like fun”. And off we went to the Saint Augustine Alligator Farm. Of course, the part he didn’t tell me about was the obstacle course I would have to attempt to maneuver through – cables, pulleys and swinging planks of wood – while suspended from rappelling lines 30 feet high at tree-top level.

And off we went.

After getting our gear and hooking up, we had a brief 20 minute class on how not to kill yourself while swinging from tree to tree. Soon, I found myself face to face with the base of a very tall tree and instructed to climb to the top. Away we went.

This was how we looked just before climbing up the trees:


I have to admit it was kind of surreal being at the tops of the trees, looking down on huge pits filled with alligators, and then swinging over them at top speed. But you know what? It was a blast! Not only that, it was a tremendous workout. The experiences lasted a little over an hour, and soon we were safely back down on the ground. My kids looked like they could have gone again for a second round, but I was in need of some serious Southern iced tea liquid refreshment and maybe some steak Tacos over on the beach at Salt Life.


Zip through the treetops and conquer aerial obstacles on The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park’s thrilling zip line attraction, Crocodile Crossing. Across seven acres on two challenging courses, you’ll see live alligators and crocodiles right under your toes, tropical birds at eye level, and red-ruffed lemurs nearly at arm’s length. More than 50 different obstacles will have you flying, climbing, and zooming through the zoo!

Sepik River Course – $37.00*
Nile River Course – $67.00*

* * Buy online and save! Receive a $2 discount on each Crocodile Crossing ticket (both Sepik River and Nile River courses) when you purchase your tickets online. All other eligible discounts will be applied at attraction. Click here to purchase your discounted tickets online.

Newcomers can get a feel for this exciting experience on the lower, shorter Sepik River Course. The truly adventurous can take on the higher, more challenging Nile River Course. With two courses to choose from, the only question is: where will your adventure take you

If you are in Saint Augustine for any length of time, I highly recommend you visit the Alligator Farm.

Not only can you swing in the trees like Tarzan over alligators, there’s a whole lot more other stuff to do as well.

  • WADING BIRD ROOKERY: Native herons, egrets, spoonbills, and wood storks seek the security of our Alligator Swamp to roost and raise their young. With hundreds of alligators swimming beneath the oak branches, the birds know their young are safe from tree-climbing predators. Our wooden walkway allows for incredibly intimate views of Florida’s magnificent wading birds on their nests. Photographers achieve award-winning shots here every year. Visit from March through June to see the most nesting activity with the birds in full breeding plumage.
  • LEMURS OF MADAGASCAR: Native to Madagascar, these beautiful, playful primates swing and dart through the branches using their long tails. Their inquisitive faces and fun-loving antics make lemurs one of the most beloved of all primates, but both the Red-ruffed and Ring-tailed lemurs are endangered species.
  • PYTHON CAVE: Meet members of one of the most feared reptile families on the planet. Our python exhibit features a huge constricting python capable of feeding on large mammals, as well as several smaller varieties of python. And don’t forget to check out the video playing at the exhibit. You’ll see just how many keepers it takes to measure over 21 feet of pure muscle.
  • FLORIDA NATIVE REPTILES: Many of the world’s most impressive reptiles, small mammals, and birds are native to Florida. The state’s rich bio-diversity is on display daily at The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, so come check out some of these fascinating animals from our own back yard.

For a full listing of attractions, events and exhibits, please visit the Saint Augustine Alligator Farm online, and get ready to have a blast with the gators.

Saint Augustine Alligator Farm
999 Anastasia Blvd.
St. Augustine, FL 32080

Phone: 904.824.3337

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Facing My Fears And Having A Blast At The Saint Augustine Alligator Farm