OFF THE BEATEN PATH: Fire Up The Woody And Check Out High Tide’s At Snack Jack In Flagler Beach

OFF THE BEATEN PATH: Fire Up The Woody And Check Out High Tide’s At Snack Jack In Flagler Beach

High Tides @ Snack Jack is a laid back, old Florida beach restaurant with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

As you can tell by now, here at Explore Old City we give rather untraditional reviews of all the places we visit and report back on for you. We don’t drill down and review everything on the menu, and bore you with the details. Instead, we give you our first impression, the “in the time it takes you to blink” assessment of what a place is all about. Snack Jack is one of those places with an amazing “blink” rating.

Located  3 miles south of the Flagler Pier and 12 miles north of Granada Blvd (SR40), and directly on the beach, High Tides at Snack Jack got its start way back in 1947. Believe me when I tell you that, visually at least, not a whole lot has changed since then. And that’s a good thing because you get real deal atmosphere that’s off the chain. Surfer charm literally oozes from the walls, with an eye-popping view of the Atlantic Ocean. You can easily imagine any one of the Beach Boys chowing down here in the 1960’s on mahi fish tacos before running out to catch a wave.

The Snack Jack Song:

It was love at first sight for me the first time I walked through the doors. I sat at a table overlooking the ocean, and ate some amazing food. The owners use a lot of top-quality organic ingredients, and the menu is very well thought out. You can view their menu here. At some point we will do a proper review of the menu, but it’s absolutely delicious.

Pets are not only allowed, but you are encouraged to bring them and sit on the beautiful outdoor patio while you eat and drink. Many people bring their dogs on a weekend afternoon, and chill to sounds of the surf. Everything is very relaxed and laid-back. No one is trying too hard to impress. In fact, they are not really trying at all. The vibe here is real.

As much as it nods to the past, High Tides at Snack Jack is no museum piece. From the moment you park your car with the super-friendly valet parking dudes, to the time you sit down to chow down, Snack Jack exists very much in the present day. But you’ll love looking at all the old license plates that cover the ceilings, and all the other stuff as well. They sell an assortment of nicely branded t-shirts, coffee mugs and cups that you’re going to want to have.

As we said, it’s a little off the beaten path for Saint Augustine locals, but man oh man is it ever worth the drive.

What are you waiting for? Go there immediately.


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OFF THE BEATEN PATH: Fire Up The Woody And Check Out High Tide’s At Snack Jack In Flagler Beach