Explore Old City Supports The Ban Of Plastic Bags in St. Augustine Beach

Explore Old City Supports The Ban Of Plastic Bags in St. Augustine Beach

Plastic bags are one of the most harmful items found on and in the beaches in St. Augustine, Fla, according to North Florida Coastal Caretakers, who are the ones cleaning up our local water and beaches.

Our local beach cleaners are consistently finding a large number of plastic bags in St. Augustine’s ocean water, sand, dunes, sidewalks, parking lots, streets, etc. It’s messy and it’s negatively impacting our marine life, wild life and natural resources.

Because of the mass amount of plastic bags they are finding, Jane West Law and North Florida Coastal Caretakers have teamed up to create a petition to ban the use of plastic bags in the city of St. Augustine Beach in order to protect our beaches and environment. They plan to present this petition to the St. Augustine Beach Commissioners, in order to get major corporations such as Publix and Winn Dixie to stop producing the single-use plastic bags that you receive at checkout and to replace them with reusable, recyclable, or compostable bags.

To support this cause, you can digitally sign the petition that will be presented to the St. Augustine Beach Commissioners, by clicking here.

Also, while you’re at it, go and vote for Jessica Gott, who is currently nominated for St. Augustine’s Person of the Year.

Vote for St. Augustine Person of the Year

Jessica Gott is the President and founder of North Florida Coastal Caretakers. She has organized a number of these beach cleanups and fundraisers to help keep our water and beaches free of garbage. She repeatedly wakes up at the crack of dawn and uses her free time to do these cleanups, even when just a few people show up. She is the one spearheading an ordinance for St. Augustine Beach (to set an example for St. Augustine proper) to ban the use of plastic bags at retail establishments.

Jessica Gott of North Florida Coastal Caretakers 

We here at Explore Old City encourage you to sign the petition to fully ban the use of plastic bags, and also, vote for Jessica, who is the one that is truly taking initiative and putting into action this much-needed campaign to make our beloved St. Augustine a more pure and beautiful place.


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Explore Old City Supports The Ban Of Plastic Bags in St. Augustine Beach