The Back 40 Urban Cafe is one of the coziest and tastiest restaurants located here in St. Augustine.


Hurricane Patty’s is one of the best waterfront dining experiences that St. Augustine has to offer. It has such a great atmosphere.


It’s located a bit off the beaten path, but I believe the bistro at Culinary Outfitters just may be one of the very best dining experiences St. Augustine has to offer.


Until they invent an actual time machine, having lunch at Georgie’s Diner is the next best thing. From a distance, the glittering silver facade beckons.


If you’re out on St. Augustine Beach, you have to visit The Beachcomber at #2 A Street and try their Buffalo Shrimp Tacos with Red Beans and Rice. 

Old City Market is one of Anastasia Island’s newest eateries located about a mile east of the Bridge of Lions in beautiful Saint Augustine.

How well I remember the first time I wandered into Everything Bagel in Saint Augustine, and suddenly I was home again.


It’s called La Cocina, and it’s as close as you’re going to get to Mexico without leaving Saint Augustine.


The Beachcomber Restaurant has been around on A Street a long time, and it’s serving better food than ever before.